“A theory can be proved by experiment; but no path leads from experiment to the birth of a theory.”


Text book reading is essential and important in all subjects. The school believes in dealing with every lesson in every subject, differently on the concept to be taught. Projects , activities, discussions, labs and smart class modules are a few methods which support classroom teaching.

The lessons are planned systematically to give the students different dimensions on any given topic. The thematic teaching approach also has project based evaluation that would boost the confidence levels of the students in each lesson. Tests related to the themes are given regularly

Note: The school believes in training the students to express the concepts they have learnt, in their own words with the help of facilitators.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it in keeping with motto Cogito, ergo sum. I Think Therefore I am.


Great care and fore thought has been given for designing the curriculum at various levels so that it does not burden the child. It is based on the NCERT guide lines and students are prepared for the CBSE examination.

Std. I & II : English, L-II, Math, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, PET, G.K ,

Std. III & IV : English, L-II, Math , Science ,Social Studies , Computer Science, PET , GK,

Std. V to VII : English, IILang , III Lang, Math, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, PET

Additional Subjects : Art & Craft , Music , Dance

Optional Languages :


Assessment and Evaluation

S.No Type of Assessment Max Marks Month Weightage Total Final Grade
Term - 1
1 PA 1 20 July 5%
2 CW/ HW 5%
3 Discipline 5%
4 Subject Enrichment I 20 5%
5 Term End Assessment 80 October 5%
Term - 1 20+80 = 100 50 %
Term - 2
6 PA 2 20 July 5%
7 CW/ HW 5%
8 Discipline 5%
9 Subject Enrichment II 20 5%
10 Term End Assessment 80 February 5%
Term - 2 20+80 = 100 50 %